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Water park

Standing out in Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is the outdoor waterpark featuring unique and modern water games, delivering to visitors refreshing feelings and one-of-a-kind experience.

Vinpearl Land Water Park Phu Quoc is a combination of beach, amusement ride area, family games area, and kids’ games area – suitable for family members of all ages. While Amusement ride zone allows thrill-seekers to toss themselves in the cool water of the spectacular Tornado, challenges themself with Enormous Boomerang, High speed slide, and Basin slide, etc, Waving pool, Lazy river, and children's pools are gentle, enjoyable, and suitable for all family members.



Tornado water ride

Designed to simulate a tornado with a diameter of 18m, Tornado water ride is a multiplayer game offering you adventurous and victorious experience overcoming the giant tornado eye.

Giant Boomerang

Giant boomerang, a 4 player game with a length of 55 meters, will give you amazing sensations prevailing over the slope top and free-falling among immense waves.

High speed water slide

This 120 meters long high speed water slide is where thrill seekers exhibit their courage, bravery and daring to break the speed limit.


6 lane multi slide with a heght of 15 meters is a suitable starter to begin the Amusement adventure at Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc.

Bullet Bowl

The 18 meter diameter Bullet Bowl spins round and round, provoking players’ bravery.

Spiral slide

Spiral slide consists of 4 intertwined slides, 2 closed and 2 open tubes, measuring 12 meters high and 120 meters long, giving visitors breathtaking moments and experience.


Kids’ pool

Designed exclusively for kids between 1 – 1.3m tall, kids pool incorporates the Hawaiian house, water guns, swan water slide, Jellyfish water spray, Rainbow corridors, Apple house, etc. It promises to deliver surprising and exciting moments.

Wave pool

The 3275 square meter multi level Wave pool resembles a miniature ocean, allowing players to frolic among sudden, ever changing waves, whether gentle or agressive.

Lazy river

Lazy River is the ideal relaxing place after breathtaking challenges and nonstop laughters in the Amusement ride and family games area.

 Opening hours

09:00 – 18:00

 Other facilities

Medical ward, Swim suits and accessories shop.

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