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With a size of 170,000 m2, Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land is invested into the largest and most modern amusement park in Southwest Vietnam, turning Phu Quoc – the beautiful pearl island into the new destination for visitors from all over the country.
Besides many attractive indoor and outdoor games and exciting performances, Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land also hosts a series of special events such as Miss Vietnam Final in 2014, Boleros & Love songs 2016 and large seasonal events to meet the needs of customers coming to visit and play. Let’s have a closer look at some memorable destinations of Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land.


Vinpearlland Water Park Phu Quoc is comprised of a series of exciting water games for all ages. In the immense space of water, you will burn your energy with the games, enjoying the experience and endless fun.

With the height of 15m and a total length of 100m, sliding 6-lane road games will be the exciting adventure for thrill seekers


This game is the best choice for young people who want to assert the daring and bravery, racing along at speeds up to 60km / h. With 2 different means of sliding, it brings players the feeling of flying out of the 21m high chute.

Body Slide

The game is suitable for all family members. The 13m high body slide and three slides are designed with diverse shapes and colors bring players challenges with many difficulty levels.

Space Hole

Built on the idea of ​​a strange phenomenon in the universe – black holes phenomenon (orbs with strong gravity that absorb all the close material), Space Hole will bring visitors the feeling of the speed of light in the 19m length slide.

Flying Boat

Flying boat is the game for 2 people from a height of 15m. On the high speed double buoys, you will feel like you are flying and surfing on the most modern high speed trains.


Tsunami is a game attached to buoys that will scare you. With a height of 13m, the powerful wave will give the most courageous people a “heart attack”. Overcome the stress and anxiety from the beginning and get involved early in the game, you will get a very interesting experience.

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